Stem Cell Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Introduction To Stem Cells:
Stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into any functional cell in the body during its early life and growth, additionally in the many tissues of the human body, they serve as a form of internal support and repair system dividing without limit as long as the person or animal is alive. Stem cells are distinguished from other cell types by two crucial characteristics, first, they are unspecialized cells capable enough of renewing itself through cell devision, sometimes after long periods of inactivity and secondly, under certain experimental or physical conditions, they can be induced to become a form of tissue or organ specific cells with certain unique functions. (stem cell basics, corporate author,
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Just like other types of research or studies, stem cell development may cause significant intervention with nature and various other elements which yet again sparks conflict between various nature conservation groups and religious belief. This research unveiled that stem cells are ideal in treating patients with heart disease, however other studies have concluded that this can make arteries tighter, causing much larger risks than actually attempting to cure someone of a heart disease of some sort (, corporate author may 16th 2016).
Evaluation of Advantages and Disadvantages:
There are countless arguments in terms of the advantages and disadvantages of stem cell research. This is dominantly the reason why stem cell research has become a highly debated topic. These debates bring rise to rage and controversy, however, it is essential that the general public have a wide understanding of this topic regardless of the opinionated ethics before making a judgment on its existence. Looking at various religious groups and opposing figures, it is essential to collaborate self-research with international public opinion

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