Stem Cell Personal Statement

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I imagine one day sitting back on a patio with my arm around my husband as our kids played in the yard. I dreamed of one day being able to raise my own kids and watch them grow up, just like I wish my dad could have. Sadly, I would not be able to have children that are biologically related to both of us. So, as a result, I have always pondered the idea of finding a way that my future husband and I could have a child that we are both the biological parent of. My original idea was to create an egg cell out of a sperm cell, so I became interested in the area of fertility and looked up current research related to homosexual reproduction. One intriguing piece of research explained how manipulating a gene inside a primordial germ cell from a man may cause it to develop into an egg.Aside from that idea, my passion for helping others and bettering society also created an interest in engineering. I remember reading about a man who received a tracheal transplant with the help of stem cells, that restored his ability to talk. Witnessing a man speaking for the first time, I saw how much of an impact engineering has on people and knew that I wanted to take part in that. After that, I researched stem cells and found stories of people…show more content…
Biological engineering allows me to explore many biological processes, specifically with an application to healthcare and manipulate them for many other purposes such as synthesis of materials and drug delivery. Specifically in biological engineering, I plan on specializing in synthetic biology to study different biological systems and the genes that control them and apply them to better healthcare. Cornell Engineering will also provide me with knowledge of cellular and organismal reproduction, with which I can begin to realize my goal in finding a way for homosexual reproduction to
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