Stem Cell Research

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Although overhearing debates and controversy regarding stem cells on the news, television or conversation is common, many aren’t aware of what the big debate is about or what stem cells truly are. The major argument against stem cell research is that it is morally wrong and unethical. To phrase it simply, a stem cell is an unspecialized cell that has the capability of turning into a cell with a specific job.1 They are different from other kinds of cells in the body for a few different reasons.3 All stem cells, regardless of what specific type are able to divide and renew themselves; they don’t originate specialized but can become specialized in different circumstances like when older cells are damaged.4 When a stem cell divides, it has the choice to become a more specialized cell like a brain cell, muscle cell among others, or to remain a stem cell.1
There are two different types of stem cells. One type is embryonic, and the other is adult stem cells. As one would assume, embryonic cells originate from embryos.3 Sperm and eggs are fertilized in a culture dish, where they eventually turn into an embryo.The four to five day old embryos are called blastocysts and did not begin development in a womb contrary to some beliefs.1 These blastocysts are created for reproductive…
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