Stem Cell Research

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They are small, unspecialized cells capable of reproducing and differentiating into different cell types. These cells can turn into a functional cell such as a muscle cell, organ-specific cell, brain cell, or a red blood cell. Despite controversy, stem cell research has given life back to suffering individuals and brought hope to the medical field. Along side many other major advancements of biology in the last century, stem cell research has taken off and found tremendous success just in the last fifteen years. In 1981 embryonic stem cells were first isolated from early mice embryos by American Biologists. By1986, scientist became familiar with mice stem cells and soon reports arose of successful attempts of converting mice fibroblasts into myoblasts by using only a single gene. Proving evidence that it is possible to convert one type of adult cell into another. Finally, by 1998, a research team from the University of Wisconsin reported the first successful formation of human embryonic stem cells derived from early embryonic cells. This research was the first to demonstrate that it was possible for human stem cells to be manipulated and differentiated. Since the authorization in 2001 by President Bush to grant federal funding for research of stem cell lines, there has been a medical breakthrough in the use of human stem cells. Stem cells are now being examined in how they…

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