Stem Cell Research Thesis

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In preparation for this thesis on the topic of stem research and application; I gathered data through various methods to reach a broad consensus on the public impression of stem cell research. In this chapter I will discuss the findings of those ventures and the impressions it made on my research. I conducted a survey asking general information on the public’s knowledge of stem cell research and held a classroom forum asking for open opinions on research.
My first research question is: what is the controversy behind stem cell research? To investigate this I conducted a classroom forum in Composition II, eighth period. I knew from previous research that the controversy arises from the use of embryonic stem cell harvesting, I wanted to see
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To answer this question I created a survey. This survey, akin to the classroom forum was designed to gather a broad consensus from the public. In order for the survey to perform well in its task of gathering clear and concise data, I had the survey questions and methodology reviewed and approved by our resident statistics educator Tim Schwickerath. My survey involved questions that narrow the population of respondents into different groups. Examples of some questions that did this task would be: what is your gender? As well as questions asking the respondent if they supported embryonic stem cell research, if they supported federal funding of stem cell research or if they new anyone that could benefit from transplantation medicine. Through this process I was able to see the differences in ideology between different groups of…show more content…
I was able to survey a population of 15. Out of the respondent population, a staggering 94% of them supported federal funding of stem cell research. 93% supported embryonic stem cell research. A total of 73% of the respondent population said they were in the age range of 18-25, 24% percent were in the 26-36 age group. Considering where the bulk of this data was gathered that fact does not surprise me. Overall the survey lead me to a more solid affirmation on the topic of stem cells, and who opposes research. It seems the younger age groups are more ready to embrace future advancements. Here we have concrete evidence to support that it may not be a preconceived
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