Stem Cell Research has the Potential to Alleviate Much Suffering

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Surely, by working together we can harness its life-giving potential.” Stem cell research shows so much promise to help people by treating diseases and other problems through therapy. While it seems as though the clear answer is that we should study stem cells as soon as possible, this is sadly not the case. Stem cell research is an ongoing controversy within politics and the courts because of the process by which embryonic stem cells are obtained. This conflict divides people on their moral and religious views: When does life begin? Because of this issue, there have been numerous court rulings deciding if and when stem cell study would be federally funded and even when stem cell studies would be allowed. These court rulings have significantly slowed down progress in stem cell research, and stem cell exploration will progress slowly if the government doesn’t make stem cell research a priority. The best approach to stem cell research is to freely allow and support scientists to conduct further experimentation because knowledge and use of stem cells will only progress through experimentation. More financial support is needed to prove that stem cell treatments are successful, and if monetary support is provided many lives will be saved as the end result of the research.
Stem cells are blank cells with the ability to divide unlimited times in culture…

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