Stem Cell Therapy Argumentative Essay

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Stem cells are capable of doing an abundance of things in the world with the vast variety of tasks that they can accomplish. In certain ways stem cells can be seen as unsatisfactory, but the benefits outweigh the faults overall. Although some believe that the usage of stem cells is equivalent to “playing as god” (Stem 1), they can still benefit the world in how the cells are used. Stem cell therapy has many benefactors to it, and advanced research into it could benefit people all over the world. WIth more in depth research into stem cell therapy, lives could be improved and possibly saved. Incurable diseases now have a chance to be curable, and terminally sick people have a chance at life again. The research of this therapy is mandatory in…show more content…
Using the stem cells, multiple diseases and disorders can be reversed where one never before would think they could. Blindness was reversed in mice due to the effects of stem cells, giving them a chance to look at the world around them again. This outcome is the first step to gaining knowledge on reversing the effects for blindness in living humans as well as other disorders. Stem cells being able to be reprogrammed in ways that people need is extremely beneficial in helping and curing many people throughout the world. “This research characterizes the current state of scientific investigation into the world of blindness: virtually all human trials are far down the road, and any findings, so far, pertain only to the particular disease itself.” states Wilson (Wilson 1). This quote gives insight on how stem cells could be reprogrammed in ways needed, such as in the blindness case. Stem cell therapy can be beneficial in multiple instances, especially in reprogramming them to work as desired. Stem cell therapy needs to be researched more due to the methods they use to help the world in providing the populace with alternatives to developing their bodies back to their previous state, or getting their bodies to a condition they never were at
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