Stem Cell Therapy Essay

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In order to discover the ways for the remedy of diseases, studies in therapeutic approaches have been doing widely and kept increasing at accelerated pace. A lot of research areas had emerged for that purpose including one of the most fascinating and highly active areas at present, stem cells therapies. Due to self-renewal property and differentiation capability of stem cell, it becomes a new hope in modern treatment.
The first successful case of stem cell therapy in human was reported in 1959. Bone marrow restorations were observed in leukemia patients who received total body irradiation subsequent by intravenous injection of their twins’ bone marrow (Thomas et al, 1957). Nevertheless, that effect was transient and the following bone
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However, this problem could be minimized in nonmalignant patients by using autologous transplantation.
Cell contamination is another risk factor in stem cell therapies that should be concerned. Since stem cells are human-derived products, contamination could occur at any steps in process. Start from stem cell sources or donors, they might carry viruses, parasites or diseases that can infect patients after transplantation. So, donor screening tests and assessment need to be performed (Sacchi et al, 2008). Medical and familial histories of donors are also essential and should be scrutinized in order to avoid getting stem cells from someone that might transmit congenital defect, autoimmunity or malignant disease to the patient (Niederwieser et al, 2004). Harvesting and culturing of stem cells are the processes that might have caused the microbial contamination as well, thus, sterile technique must be cautiously conducted during those steps.
Up till now, bone marrow or hematopoietic stem cells transplantation has been proofed to cure many diseases such as aplastic anemia, acute and chronic leukemia, and severe thalassemia with low complications in
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