Stem Cells Essay

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Mesenchymal stem cells go on to develop into: connective tissue, like adipocytes, stromal cells or tenocytes; muscle tissues, from myoblasts into skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle types; cartilage, which is created when an osteochondral progenitor cell develops into a chondroblast then a chondrocyte; or bone tissue, which is also developed from an osteochondral progenitor cell, into an osteoblast, then an osteocyte.

Hematopoietic stem cells are what create all the different components of blood.
They develop into Myeloid Progenitor cells, which then go on to develop into erythroblasts (create erythrocytes, or red blood cells), megakaryoblasts (create megakaryocytes and thrombocytes, which are platelets), and also myeloblasts.
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It then develops into a polychromatophilic normoblast. At this stage, the cytoplasm begins to create haemoglobin, changing the colour to dark grey-blue, and the chromatin in the nucleus becomes more condensed and knotted.
Then, the nuclei completely shrink, forming a orthochromatic normoblast, which then develops into a reticulocyte, an immature red blood cell.

Neutrophils are also created from myeloid Progenitor cells, but they then develop into myeloblasts, which create the three types of granulocyte, including neutrophils.

Stem Cells in Medicine
There are many potential benefits of stem cell research, however, there is a lot more intensive stem cell research that needs to be done to bridge the gap between the promise of stem cells and the actual reality of these uses.
There are many areas of medicine where stem cells could be applied, and range from the development of new drugs, possibly for conditions that have no treatments or cures, to cell therapies, where stem cells are used to replace failing or damaged tissue.

Together, cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease, and cancers are the top two causes of death. Regenerative medicine, using stem cells, has the potential to be able to repair heart damage and perhaps improve cancer treatments.

Heart Disease
At the moment, the aim of heart disease research is to understand in better detail what is involved in heart
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