Stem Cells : Justification Of Utilization Of Stem Cell

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Anvesha Mukherjee
GT Biology 9-1
19 February 2016
Stem Cells: Justification of Utilization of Stem Cells in Injuries/Paralysis
Habitually, the majority of significant scientific discoveries that have occurred over the course of human history have been the center of fierce debate and controversy for one reason or another. From radical perspectives such as the Earth’s orbital around the sun to the theory that the planet isn’t geographically flat, scientists are often at the focal point of ethical debates. In regards to current advancements, nothing may be more controversial in modern day science and it’s general public than the research of embryonic stem cells. The utilization of stem cells in the process of injury and recovery is ethically justified because it involves informed consent by voluntary egg donors who aspire to contribute to research (when referring to embryonic stem cells), and may be the only effective and efficient method in central nervous system/spinal cord injuries that involve impaired cells that are not able to go through the cell cycle for mitosis. Technological advancements pertaining to stem cells and further research towards their significance in the medical field are morally correct and could be a critical method of prevention towards injuries and impairments that may cause permanent paralysis in everyday patients.
Many may claim that embryonic stem cell research is unethical and should be deemed immoral because of the supposed “destroying of a

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