Stem Of The Technology Classroom

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STEM In the Technology Classroom (with an emphasis on Automotive studies) An inquisitive view upon the merit of Stem based pedagogy in the classroom and in curriculum context Paul Moralee EDU4CDD Latrobe University Content Outline: Abstract Introduction Potential Curriculum development in STEM context STEM as Art STEM In the technology classroom The Automotive classroom Conclusion Appendix (career paths) Resources Abstract: An exciting new field is emerging within pedagogy as we know it. STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)although predominately in the United States Secondary and vocational systems, the benefits of a stem based curriculum are only just being considered here in Australia as far as integration into the secondary education system. Within this report we will consider how STEM can be incorporated into the present curriculum, how it can influence art and creativity (and why it should) as well as being practical. The influence of industry upon resources and curriculum and Potential career paths in several STEM based trade disciplines will also be considered. Introduction: The author of this paper envisions a wealth of potential for this new pedagogical model and the positive influence it will have to unite inter faculty teachers as well as giving students real world examples of traditionally vague or difficult to grasp concepts such
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