Stench of Kerosene

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Jacek Plonczynski
Engelsk C
Analysis Stench of Kerosene


Settings and time

Point of View





Guleri Manak´s Wife

Guleri is the Wife of Manak, she is in love with Manak, and they been married over 7 years, she is unable too have children with Manak, and this leads too a consequence of Guleri´s suicide, The reasons for her actions are that, she feels shes not fulfilling the duty of a wife. In terms of expanding the family three. Guleri makes a choice by committing suicide, when she finds out that Manak was forced too find a different wife. She keeps Manaks flute under her Dupatta, which allways reminds her of him, and his love to her,
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Where they are forced too live as husband and wife, with a task that is demand, and this task is having a baby.


The story its self progress its self trough out 2 days, where Manak´s friend comes by, and the next days he tell the bad news too him. But they story all so, tell´s us that about long past, 7 years back, we get a window into the past of a married couple.
In other words, we get a lot of history about this couple until present day, and the happening of a tragic event.

Narrator / Point of view

The story is being switched between, 3´rd person and 1´person, there is a story teller, and we get into the characters as they intact with each other trough out the story, and then we get back too the 3´rd person. There’s a bit of a mix, and a little bit of omniscient in the story teller.

The main character of the story is Manak, since he is the one who gets influenced, trough out the whole story by all the people around him, Gureli has a important part in this story, since she the one who affects Manak the most in the end.

Composition / Plot


Stench of Kerosene, 1965

The Title indicates, a very strong symbol of that very tragic and dramatic event can occur in point´s of a
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