Step 2 – Understanding Available Community Resources Through

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Step 2 – Understanding available community resources through partnerships Research and health organizations have come to learn that establishing partnerships is an effective and successful way address social determinants of health. Partnerships increase engagement levels with the community, further strengthen interventions that are community focused, etc. (O. Solar 2010). Community relationships and assets are key components for quality improvement. Understanding community resources through partnership is essential to further know what human services are available to the community to utilize. Community resources to utilize include social service agencies, community based organizations, faith-based organizations, and local health…show more content…
Simultaneously, an organization can explore how to obtain the capacities it is missing. Partnering with organizations that have the necessary resources is ideal, and talking to community members about which entities and individuals they trust can help uncover who may be useful partners. Furthermore, engaging community resources for partnership begins with regular communication. One approach is to share findings from the CNA with key stakeholder organizations to solicit their feedback and determine what additional information is needed and how they may contribute. Building trust with these community organizations is central to a sustained partnership. The next step in solidifying the partnership, is developing a common vision. The vision should reflect a mutual understanding of SDOH affecting the community and a joint approach to resolving them. Developing a vision should be based on (1) the most important/impactful social determinants (2) how can new partnership encourage community participation and (3) What changes in the community are needed and how will it benefit the community. Step 3 – Establish data infrastructure and data sharing Data can tell us a lot about the patient history and can provide a complete view of how employers’ healthcare dollars are being spent using claims data. Data sources not only come from claims data but are now expanded to lab test results, biometric information such as blood
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