Step Five: The Ethics Of The Alternatives

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STEP FIVE: The Ethics of the Alternatives Question 1: How to decide on the best alternative using ethical principles? Deciding on the best alternative could be done through asking the questions that are associated with each of the utilitarian, rights and justice principles, then determining how each alternative is rated according to each theory, and at last, selecting the best alternative once each have been rated as right or wrong. Utilitarian Principle: The utilitarian approach judges actions based on their consequences by the amount of pleasure and pain they bring upon. Hence, the action that brings the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people should be chosen. Here, we should ask ourselves which alternative would maximize utility…show more content…
Justification can be given by demonstrating why the theory(ies) show(s) that option as the best and how this fits better into our idea of what the good life is than the options recommended by the other ethical theories. If it came down to the straightforward certainty that, subsequent to examining each one of the options with rationality, objectivity and respect, I simply do esteem one alternative, theoretical approach, or perspective highlighted by one theoretical approach, or one value typified by one alternative. In this case, I will most likely be unable to say why I incline toward that alternative aside from the way I choose to live my life and what my experience has shown me. Some worry that the fact that they do not have another definite standard to appeal to means that their decision is irrational or unjustified. However, if one has made his/her decision based on the careful consideration required by the seven step method, and justified his/her decision through showing why it is the best alternative according to at least one ethical theory, then the decision is considered to be
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