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Step-By-Step Mentoring Process STEP 1: Dual-Rate Program Introduction • Dual-Rate is brought into the office by managers to explain that they have been identified and “UNDERPERFORMING” • All of the evaluations will be explained (Dual-Rate, Dealer, & Exam) to the dual-rate • Their score will be compared to the average & best in each category • They will be told that if they are to continue as a dual-rate they must submit to a Mentoring Program for a 6-Month period of time • The mentoring program will then be explained o Mentor will be chosen for them o ALL ACTIVITIES PERTAINING TO THE PROGRAM ARE VOLUNTARY o If the dual-rate elects to return to dealing, they will be given any days off the wish as well as shift preference. o Meeting will take place at a minimum of 2x/month o An action plan will be created by mentor, but the dual-rate will have some say a to the path that is taken o Activities of the program will be taken from the “Activities List” o Mentor will submit regular documentation on a monthly basis so that mangers can track the progress of each dual-rate in the program. At the end of the 6-months the dual-rate will meet with the managers and director to evaluate the oval progress of the dual-rate in order to determine whether they will continue as a dual-rate, or be demoted back to a full-time dealer. o Additionally, the dual-rate will take the “Dual-Rate Probationary Exam”, to which that must pass in order to remain a dual-rate STEP 2: Mentor Introduction •
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