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Verifying Differences Between Athletes’ Heart Rates And Non-Athletes’ Heart Rates By Using Step Test Introduction: Different people have different heart rates because of many reasons such as health condition, smoking, working out, among others. This step test is used to compare and figure out the differences between athletes’ heart rates and non-athletes’ heart rates before and after the test. Kuno Hottenrott stated that the normal average heart rate of people ranges from 40 to 100 beats per minute. However, the average heart rate of athletes usually ranges from 40 to 60 beats, which is much lower (Kuno Hottenrott 8). So, the result is forecasted that athletes have lower heart rates than non-athletes because athletes’ hearts have been…show more content…
Result: Athletes: Pulse rate (beats per minute) 1 2 3 4 5 6 Average Before step test 72 80 92 56 72 72 74.0 After step test 100 116 92 116 106 84 102.3 Non-Athletes: Pulse rate (beats per minute) 1 2 3 4 5 6 Average Before step test 104 68 68 120 96 64 86.5 After test 144 84 92 132 140 88 113.3 The above graph expresses the heart rates of both Athletes and Non-Athletes before and after the step test. There are six group’s heart rates and the average of them in the graph. This second graph shows the heart rates of all people participated in the test before they did the test. There are four lines in the graph, which stand for heart rates of two groups before and after the test. Conclusion It is clearly realized that heart rates of athletes are lower than heart rates of non-athletes after looking at the result. Athletes’ heart rates are not only lower than non-athletes’ before the test, but also after the test. For instance, average heart rate of athletes before step test is 74 bpm. And average heart rate of non-athletes before step test is 102.3 bpm, which is much higher than athletes’ average heart rate. The hypothesis given in the beginning of this report, “there is a difference in the effect of aerobic exercise on the pulse rate of athletes and non-athletes,” is accepted. Because the average pulse rate of athletes before and after doing the test is both lower than the average pulse rate of non-athletes.

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