Step by Wicked Step

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STEP BY WICKED STEP Colin’s story: The Bluebird of Happiness Narrator: Hello everyone. Today I’m going to tell you about Colin’s story – The Bluebird of Happiness. Siew Sheng as Colin is the main character of the story and now let’s begin with the story. SCENE 1 Narrator: Colin never knew his real father. His mum left his father a few weeks after he was born. She says he was a bit of a rough-house and they were much safer away from him. Then she took up with his dad. Colin calls him that because he came when he was eight months old, and don’t remember any time before that. He looks a bit like Colin, anyway. His hair is dark, like him, though he has silver patches over his ears. He knows the words of practically every song you’ve ever…show more content…
Colin: Actually, just like what I’d said, I pretended he is here, always. And every night I actually take out a tobacco tin inside my boot and put it under pillow and very softly, I hum our favourite song. When I was ready, I unscrewed the lid and smell it. Narrator: He stayed awake for hours and hours and hours, talking to his Dad, although he wasn’t there. SCENE 6 (At new school) Narrator: Colin sleeps in the class. Of course, the teacher is angry of him now. Colin: ......(falling asleep) Teacher: (knock Colin's table)Colin, wake up! Do you understand what I'm teaching just now? Colin: I'm so sorry, teacher. I just fall asleep. Teacher: Why recently you look so tired? Is it because not enough of sleep? Colin: Maybe...... Teacher: But many teachers complained about you to me. Are you facing any problem? Colin: Nothing, teacher. Everything goes well! Teacher: Alright, then make sure you wouldn't fall asleep on the next lesson. Colin: Yes, teacher. Narrator: On the other hand, the teacher phoned his Mum. Teacher: Good morning Colin’s Mum. Do you know why Colin is being like this recently? Mum: Nothing is wrong with him! He’s just missing his Dad. Colin hasn’t seen his father since he was a baby. Narrator: Although Colin doesn’t like it when his Mum tells lies, but he still loves his Mum. It’s just that sometimes he gets the feeling that Mum thinks the things that are happening to both of them are only happening to her. (Teacher looks upset,
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