Stephanie Maharaj Research Paper

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My name is Stephanie Maharaj, I was born in the town of Jamaica, Queen. Ever since I was a little girl, music has been around me all my life. I listened to it at home, on the radio, at school, i even heard music on the street. Being that queens is a very diverse community, everyone listens to their own type of music and as a little girl i was intrigued by the different types of music i heard. Not only did I love to listen to music, but I loved to play it as well. Throughout the years i learned to play two instruments.

In elementary school I was exposed to different types of music and sound. On television I always saw kids my age playing different instruments so I became curious and I wanted to play as well. I remember telling my mom that i wanted to learn how to play the piano after hearing a song played on it. She went out and bought me a keyboard and also got an instructor to come home to the house and give me piano lessons. It was difficult for me and It took a while for me to catch on but when i did i was excited about my accomplishment. I practiced any chance i got because i was so determined to learn. The first song my instructor taught me how to play was A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton which was also the song that i heard being played on the piano and i loved it. The first time i played the song on the piano was for my family one
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The different genres of music can have an affect your mood. Most people listen to music as a form of relaxation. Beside relaxing, music also has a lot of positive effects in our lives. Music also has a big impact on our emotion. It is shown that music helps reduce stress, therefore music is very significant in people's life. Music can make people cry, can make people happy or can make people dance. I listen to music no matter what mood i’m in. When i'm at the gym i listen to music and it gets me going and keeps me motivated. I find singing along relaxes me the
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