Stephanie Simon : Trade And Travel Declined After The Fall Of Rome

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Stephanie Simon

1: Trade and travel declined after the fall of Rome because routes for these were dangerous. This is because after Charlemagne died, his grandsons divided the kingdom into three parts that included Germany, Italy, France, and a part of Northern Italy. However, these three grandchildren ruled badly and invasions by Slavs, Magyars, and others contributed to the loss of the empire. This directly leads to the loss of travel and trade because the roads had no government to provide protection and maintaining the roads caused difficult traveling for trade. Also, lords were not interested in trade because their own manors could support themselves without it.
2: The first “Holy Roman Emperor” was Charlemagne and he received this title by the Pope Leo the third because he was able to unify most of western Europe and he gave the Pope his protection after the Roman Empire fell.
3: The difference between the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire is that the latter was not an empire because it was just a loose union of Germanic tribal states, as well as not being holy or Roman. The Roman Empire was the first empire that lasted much more longer than the Holy Roman, and fell before the creation of the Holy Roman. Additionally, the Holy Roman the only successful attempt of “resurrecting” the fallen Roman Empire.
4: The connections between the Holy Roman Empire and the Church is that Pope Leo the third crowned Charlemagne the Emperor that

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