Stephen Covey 7 Habits

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Q1:Write a report to explain the 7 habits by Stephen Covey?
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Capture Managers * Habit -1 - Be Proactive in Taking Responsibility for the Capture “If the problem is perceived as out there, then that thought is the problem.” - Stephen Covey * Be Proactive in Taking Responsibility for the Capture * Initiate Actions to Mobilize Resources in Response to Perceived Needs for the Capture * Develop Ideas and Plans and Implement Them * Seek Creative Solutions * Be a Problem-Solver and Problem Mitigator * Maintain a Positive, Can-Do Attitude * Exercise the Power of Personal Choice to Respond to Events and Circumstances * Be
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* Take Measures to Understand the Current Level of Accomplishment and Performance on a Personal, Team, and Organizational Level * Seek Insights and Inputs from Knowledgeable, Independent Sources * Set Goals for Continuous Improvement * Have a Passion for Growth and Excellence that’s Contagious * Empower and Inspire Others to Improve * Identify and Apply Lessons Learned

How to link 7 habits t to Quality? ( Role of the leaders)

* By applying these 7 habits , knowing yourself Continues improvement and productivity etc.. we say that * All are responsible for quality improvement especially the senior management & CEO’s * Senior management must practice MBWA * Ensure that the team’s decision is in harmony with the quality statements of the organization * Senior TQM leaders must read TQM literature and attend conferences to be aware of TQM tools and methods * Senior managers must take part in award and recognition ceremonies for celebrating the quality successes of the organization * Coaching others and teaching in TQM seminars * Senior managers must liaise with internal ,external and suppliers through visits, focus groups, surveys * They must live and
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