Stephen Crane and American Realism Essay

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If it was not for Stephen Crane and his visionary work than American Realism would not have taken hold of the United States during the eighteen hundreds. During the years following the Civil War America was a melting pot of many different writing styles. Many scholars argue that at this time there was still no definite American author or technique. Up to this point authors in the Americas simply copied techniques that were popular in regions of Europe. Stephen Crane came onto the scene with a very different approach to many of his contemporaries. He was a realist, and being such he described actions in a true, unadorned way that portrayed situations in the manner that they actually occurred (Kaplan). He had numerous admired pieces but his…show more content…
The first time that people can truly see his professional writing career begin is during his time at Syracuse (Berryman 8). Crane wrote articles in the Syracuse Daily Standard and his work was so popular that he was eventually noticed by the New York Tribune who also asked him to write in their newspaper. As a flourishing writer Crane began to experiment with various techniques (Monteiro 136). All of these different styles of writing were met with mixed results leaving Crane in a difficult position. Although he was being successful as the average journalist, Crane wanted more. He was young and ambitious and the fact of the matter was that his tendencies did not fit in with the writing styles popular to the time (Monteiro 135). In order to advance his career and propel himself into a position of reverence he would have to find a style with which he could really get his ideas across. In time it became evident that Crane had found the style of writing that suited him best. He enjoyed portraying events in the true, bare, manner in which they occurred. Instead of embellishing accounts to make them seem more enjoyable to the reader, Crane preferred to include the gritty details that many considered indecent, gritty, and unnecessary. While other authors where expanding on styles of writing such as romanticism, Crane took a twisted advance towards creating stories
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