Stephen Crane 's The Open Boat

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While taking a cruise to Jamaica for vacations, the ship you are at starts to sink. How do you think people in the ship would react to this scenario? Stephen Crane, an American author, wrote the story “The Open Boat”. The story is about a boat sinking in the middle of the ocean with four men. The characters presented by Crane in the story are a cook, an oiler, a correspondent, and the captain. Although the story is narrated from the view of the correspondent; Crane gives the reader some particular characteristics of the captain. The goal of this paper is to interpret the character of the captain by discussing his actions, feelings, and quotes presented by Crane. A captain is an individual who takes leadership and responsibility in a vessel. People think that a captain can just be found in large ships; however, captains are necessary in any kind of boat, ship, or yacht. Therefore, in the story Crane gives the authority to the captain. The captain is the one in charge in the boat and the one that gives directions to the other three men. Throughout the story we can see that the other three men respected the captain and his decisions. If the three men wanted to something, they would first consulted with the captain before doing it. After the sinking of the boat, the captain was really devastated because it was his responsibility and he fail. In the beginning of the story Cranes defines the captain very sad and with the impotence of not being able to do anything. (Crane, page

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