Stephen Crane's 'The Red Badge Of Courage'

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“Stephen Crane” Stephen Crane was one of the best writers of his time, however he was not very successful at the beginning of his short career. Being born into the large, religious Crane family, Crane used his siblings and parents for inspiration. He also had religious backgrounds in his writings, considering this was one of his priorities. One of his most known novels is The Red Badge of Courage, which he got inspiration from schools. Overall, Crane was a man who used his resources for his writings. In the year of 1871, Stephen Townley Crane was born on November 1. Born in 1892, his mom Helen Peck Crane was a very influential woman; she was a leader in church activities and a leader in the New Jersey Temperance Movement. His father, Dr.…show more content…
Henry has boyish dreams, excitement, and many more characteristics. He was a young farm boy who dreamed of being a hero; often struggling with his emotions, he tortures himself with the fear of running away from battle. He wants a wound, ‘red badge’, to symbolize his courage, believing he will be braver and more respected. An officer fails to see his soldiery and he tells himself he is a man, now thinking that death is nothing to be feared. Ever since Crane published the novel, critics have admired but also complained about his writing style. Critics were all over his impressionistic writings and how he used symbols and imagery. In 1898, Edward Garrett called Crane “the chief impressionist if our day” (Magill 32) and praised his style. Crane was a realist, naturalist, impressionist, and a symbolist; he used all of these for his best known novel, The Red Badge of Courage. Even though young Crane had never experienced a war when he wrote the novel, he did his research. He read about others experiences in war, talked to veterans, studied history under a Civil War general, and imagined what he would feel if he was in a war. He seemed to capture this through the entire novel, including things that could be found in a war like confusion, death, noise, and
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