Stephen Curry: The Perfect Basketball Player

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I am going to try to persuade you in thinking that Stephen Curry is the best player in the NBA as of right now. With the following arguments that that will be made in this argument.
He became the perfect basketball weapon, a force who can't be guarded and can be stopped only if he stops himself.We all know about his great shooting and incredible range. But what separates Curry is that he doesn't need off-the-ball movement and picks to create space for a shot. He has an amazing ability to create his own space, and he doesn't even need that much, and he can shoot from anywhere on the court, so the defense can't ease up or sit back, even from deep.The combination of not needing a lot of space and having incredible range creates a huge problem for defenses.Whoever is guarding Curry needs to respect Curry's range and
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The most striking improvements are to his eFG%, or effective field-goal percentage, which adjusts field-goal percentage by giving more value to 3-pointers, and PER, or player efficiency rating, which measures a player's overall production. Curry's 36.2 PER is 6.2 better than any other player's. The league average is 15.
Not only is Curry making shots at a higher rate, but he is taking them from deep more often. Last season, Curry led the NBA with 646 3-point attempts and 286 3-pointers made. This year, he is on pace to shoot 884 3-pointers and make 401. Both would be NBA records by a mile, as no NBA player has attempted 700 3-pointers in a season or made 300. He averaged 8.5 assists per 36 minutes over the past two seasons.
I know you can argue that lebron is better because his ability to drive and take over a game single handedly, but Curry has by far been the best player in the league for 3 years now making it almost impossible to guard and also winning the mvp in one of those years and most likely winning the MVP this year and the NBA championships back to
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