Stephen Fuller Austin: A Texan Hero

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Stephen Fuller Austin: A Texas Hero

It was November 3rd, 1793 in Wythe County, Virginia when Stephen Fuller Austin, son of Moses Austin, known as "The Father of Texas" was born. Austin attended school in Connecticut as a child and graduated from Transylvania University in Kentucky. In 1813, Austin was elected to the Legislature of Missouri and was reelected to that same position for three years until he moved to Arkansas. He was chosen as judge of the judicial district of Arkansas. He planned to go to Louisiana to study law, but decided to join his father in his journey.
On a journey to Missouri, Austin 's father was struck with a pneumonia. When
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However at the same time, he imposed a fee that permitted the Baron de Bastrop to charge one hundred twenty-seven dollars per four thousand four hundred and twenty-eight acres of land. Austin made a meeting with Bastrop to divide the fee amongst the two of them.
Peace between state and federal authorities was necessary for the success of the colonies. He opposed the efforts and defeated the hopes of Haden Edwards bringing colonists into the Fredonian Rebellion and led the militia from Brazos and Colorado to help Mexican troops in taking it down. By 1830, Austin 's variety of colonies consisted of sixteen thousand people, and other, less successful, had recruited many, many more. It became much harder for Austin to restore his leadership to them. However, the quick development of the colonies, along with efforts of the United States to buy Texas, increased the nerves and anxiety of Mexican leaders. Their tries to attempt to safeguard the territory by stopping immigration continued conflict and led to revolution and independence.
The Law of April 6, 1830, incorporated the Mexican policy of stopping further colonization of Texas by settlers from the United States. By intelligent and a bit unpleasant interpretation, Austin ensured exemption and

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