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If you casually mention the name Stephen Hawking in conversation, you are likely to get a number of reactions from people.Some people know him from cameo appearances in movies or TV shows like The Big Bang Theory. Others have leafed through his popular book, A Brief History of Time. People recognize him as an outspoken representative for the disabled, and a leader of the scientific community.But how many people know him for his research? Professor Hawking has certainly lived an impressive life, and he is an inspiring public figure.With all the distractions surrounding Professor Hawking, most people forget about the groundbreaking discoveries that he has helped develop in the science of Cosmology.Through this essay, I hope to share some …show more content…
His class work was no challenge to him at all, so he didn’t need to study as much as the other students.He could get by on his natural talent. Consequently had quite a reputation as a prodigy2.

Hawking did have a hard time adjusting to college life.All his friends from St. Albans were gone, and he had a hard time making new ones.That all changed when he joined the rowing team.He was a coxswain, and he was good, but he was never really competitive like some of the other rowers.He just wanted to party and have fun3. Hawking graduated from Oxford and moved on to Cambridge to study under the legendary Fred Hoyle.Hoyle was the most distinguished British astronomer of the time.Instead, Hawking worked with Dennis Sciama in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.He managed to make a splash early by challenging some Hoyle’s ideas after a public lecture.After Hoyle had finished his lecture on the steady state universe, Hawking arose during the question and answer period.He stated that Hoyle’s calculations were wrong and the equation diverged.Hoyle was naturally furious with Stephen, but he soon got over it.Hawking was too good of a student to hold a grudge against4. Hawking was having problems finding suitable problems for

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