Stephen King Comparison

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The movie is about a malevolent clown that eats the children during a specific period.
At the beginning of the movie there is a kid named Georgie made a paper boat and took it out side to play with it but it gets into a sewer, after few seconds a clown appears and in he starts talking in a funny voice. The clown has a creepy appearance but he keeps talking to Georgie. After a while the clown makes Georgie to take the boat, while he was traying to take it, the clown rapidly bites him and took his arm off and kill him.
His brother, with a group of friends, while they were trying to find Georgie, they discovered this terrorific clown, and they fought him and made defeated him.
In my opinion this movie it’s well-received and a very good adaption of the Stephen king original novel. It has a lot of terror and it’s combined with a bit of comedy, that makes it unconventional.
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Now I will do a comparison between both adaptations of the Stephen King original novel. There is another adaption of the “it” movie made in 1990. If we made a comparison between these two adaptions I think the new one is better because it’s more complete in many aspects like its impressive especial effects and the terror part. Another important aspect is that the second adaptation (the newest) is more relatable to the original novel.
In conclusion I really recommend this movie because it will make you feel a scary kid again. Also, it gives you a subtle message which is that is easier to achieve your goals or to front facing a difficult situation if you are with real friends that supports you in everything you
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