Stephen King Writing Style

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Stephen King’s book On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft is both entertaining and instructive; it describes King’s writing process in a compelling way and offers advice towards improving the reader’s own writing process. I believe his writing process is coherent and effective. While reading the book I thought that he explained techniques well and gave enough evidence to show his methods work. I found myself stopping several times while reading and thinking something along the lines of “Why didn’t I ever realize that?” A lot of his writing process seemed so simple after he explained it that I felt disappointed in myself for not already knowing it. However, I did observe some similarities between King’s writing process and my own. One of these similarities regarded revision. Late in the book King describes a note he received from the editor of a magazine; it included the formula “2nd Draft = 1st Draft - 10%” (King 222) King says that when he revises he naturally adds more while others may naturally take things out. After receiving this note he began making a conscious effort to remove material when revising. I always eliminate excess when revising, so in this way our writing processes are alike. Another resemblance I noticed was that King does not stop working because something is hard. He says that stopping work because it is difficult is not a good idea, you should continue working. I definitely already work through any difficulties. I think that while a fresh
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