Essay about Stephen King and Horror Films

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As the main topic suggests, what are the types of horrors associated with media? First off, you might want to think about what your definition of fear is, what unsettles you, and what rubs you the wrong way. Well according to Stephen King, this can be broken down into three types; which is the gross-out, horror, and terror. The gross-out in this case is what it is. It’s things we as humans find disgusting, morbid, or diseased. To provide an example; picture yourself waking up in your bed, all seems normal right? You then look around and notice a severed torso sitting on your computer chair. Morbid right? Onto the next type which is horror. Stephen King places the supernatural under this category; it’s creatures or unnatural happenings…show more content…
A good example of psychological horror in video game form would be Silent Hill 2; which focuses on the main protagonist emotional and mental stability. Silent Hill 2 which was produced by Team Silent focuses on our main protagonist James Sunderland as he ventures into the mysterious town named “Silent Hill” to meet his wife at their special place after receiving a letter from.; the thing is though is that his wife has been dead for quite few years now. Questioning his sanity own sanity, he still sought out the reason to why he had received the letter. From the beginning it's rather evident that James is not in the right state of mind and becomes steadily unreliable, to the point where his sanity is questioned. This becomes more apparent as the story continues when the letter he received from his deceased wife slowly disappears. To back this claim of James not being as sane as he appears, let’s take into account the monsters he has killed throughout the game. They emit very human like screams. Mixing this in with our main protagonists falling mental health, can we assume this isn’t some elaborate mental breakdown formed by James? Can we just assume the monsters he’s killed so far actually real... or are they actually real people? This is what we generally define as psychological horror. The ambiguity that clouds the characters, their mental state as the driving point for the narrative, the dark
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