Stephen King 's Insight On Dreams

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Stephen King’s insight on dreams are all based on personal experiences. King begins by comparing the functionality of a dream to a mirror “I’ve always used dreams the way you’d use a mirror to look at something you couldn’t see head on”. By using this idea of dreams being like mirrors, King is able to alleviate his writer 's block by depicting his dreams directly onto paper. An example would be when King had already written seven to eight hundred pages of his novel which he could not seem to finish. Then later reveals how a nightmare provoked the ending, he states how he woke up frightened yet at the same time relieved he’d finished the book. According to King all he had to do at this point was to take his dream and transfer it to paper. Without a doubt, King’s personal experiences can justify why he believes “dreams are a way that people’s minds illustrate the nature of their problems. Or maybe even illustrates the answer to their problem in symbolic language”.

After reading Stephen King’s essay, it is easy to conclude that his dreams are extremely valuable to his writing. King makes it clear that he has a consistent writing habit, but an unpredictable though process. King also believes that a strong writer can dream while awake. He illustrates many example where he uses dreams to create or finish a novel or film. This approach is random and unpredictable. An example of his approach would be when he was working on the Salems Lot. King explains how he relied on a nightmare…
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