Stephen King’s “Why We Crave Horror Movies” Essay examples

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It was the summer of 1983; I was reading my first Horror novel by Jay Anson “The Amityville Horror”, it was the scariest thing I had ever picked up. Despite the late hours I continued to read into the early morning hours until my eyes burned for relief. Whenever I got up to use the rest room I would stand on the end of my bed lean over and open the door and jump so not to be grabbed by monsters that might be laying in wait under my bed. This started a long love affair for horror stories.
For instance Stephen King is known as the master of horror; I have read all his older novels. Watched a few of his movies and discovered the movies are ‘B’ rated compared to the books. His newer work is a little more farfetched for me more like Sci-Fi,
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However, if I catch the movie before the book comes out I am able to enjoy it more, after watching movie first; I like to read the book to compare the two.
Last year when the book, ‘Shutter Island’ reached the book stores I purchased it immediately. While I was in the middle of reading it the audio book was released, so I decided to download it to my MP3 player. I located my place in the book and picked up there on my MP3 player so while following along in my book I listened to the audio. To my surprise the two were very different, not much that you would say they wrote two different books. Although enough you could tell the reader was not reading from the same book you were. As I followed along listening, the reader was adding parts that were not in my book, now these pieces could have been in the original books manuscript from which he might be reading, but it helped to give further insight into the story. Having really enjoyed reading this piece, however watching the movie after reading the book anyone could pick out at least fifteen things that were in the book that was left out of the movie. I personally believe this is what made the movie a major failure at the box office. Now you can understand my reasoning for not watching the movies and why I’d rather read the
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