Stephen T. Asma 's Book On Monsters

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There is such kind of monsters, remain their appearance as a human, yet the things they do can only describe as monstrosities. They are not monsters in books and literature, a fear of unknown or sexual desires. People were, or still are facing actual brutal violence or psychological terror from those monsters. More importantly, the monster being talked here is one of our kind. They are human, yet described as “inhuman”, under the inhuman category of Stephen T. Asma’s book On Monsters, a bloody history, a dark past of humanity have been introduced as a monster. It is Khmer Rouge’s infamous security prison S21: the representation of the massacre took place in Cambodia in 20th century and this kind of monster, unfortunately, is still relevant to the world, even till this day. In just three years of its power in control, Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge turned the country of Cambodia into a living hell. “By 1976 approximately twenty-five hundred prisoners had passed through the bloody corridors of S21, and each year that followed saw increased numbers of tortured prisoners, until they totaled around seventeen thousand by 1979, when the Vietnamese Army liberated Phnom Penh.”(8 Asma) Most prisoners brought to S21 was innocent, they were brought here only because the people in power believe they were enemies of the revolution or associated with western culture. Ironically, the torture chamber used to be a school. People associate hope and bright future with school, especially with

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