Stepping Into The Dance Studio

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Stepping into the dance studio for my first ballet class, mirrored walls and a long bar, I immediately immersed myself into becoming the ballerina from my fairytale books. After that first year I laced up my shiny black tap shoes for my first tap class, a new love was born. That love was replaced only when I learned to clog. All three styles of dance have unique characteristics but all three have much in common. Dance has certain qualities such as poise, grace, and balance. The first years of dance are basic and fundamental moves but these evolve over time and with hours of practicing. I also learned responsibility, time management, determination, and a good work ethic. Whether it was landing a specific move in ballet or nailing a double time step in clogging, there is always something to take from each style of dance. Ballet is the core, the foundation, of all of these styles of dance, the balance and strength learned in ballet are used in tap and clogging as well. Ballet was the first style of dance that I learned. As soon as I was old enough to take at Alicia’s School of Performing Arts in Benson, North Carolina my mom quickly signed me up for ballet. I did ballet for fourteen years, up until I graduated high school. Over those years I had three different instructors, all who had their own style of teaching, helping me become a better ballerina. My posture improved as well as my confidence. Ballet works to improve the core strength and power and teaches you how to move
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