Stepping Into The Unknown With Determination Essay

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Stepping Into The Unknown With Determination
By Razan Z. Kilani | Submitted On April 28, 2012

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Expert Author Razan Z. Kilani
Many times following my coaching sessions with my coachees, the same question keeps going around in my head: Why do we tie up our own hands?

Regardless of the circumstances or the context of the coaching, I would be working on with my coachees, a truth always stands out before my very eyes.

A one-sided humiliating relationship mistaken for a loving two-way relationship; a client who thinks just because she 's been away from the work market, she would not fit there again despite the fact that she 's been receiving non-stop job offers during her stay at home; another guy who thinks he is not as good as others, and therefore, cannot possibly compete with his rivals, and so on. The examples are diverse, but they highlight the same fact that I discern over and over again: We are tying up our own hands with a pair of non-existent cuffs. I use the word 'exist ', because in most cases, they are intangible, and may not even exist in their day-to-day reality. They 're mostly driven by the fear of the unknown. I too am guilty of
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