Steps And Phases That Were Consciously Articulated And Applied?

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1.Identify steps/phases that were consciously articulated and applied? In our project for developing the client side computer networking project the steps that we as a team consciously applied were – The goal of the project was to make computer networking easier for client. • Access and Organize In the initial phase, our team accessed the requirements of the project that was going was to be developed and made the different plans for the execution of the project. The plans were different in nature according to the implementation required of the project. The emphasis was on choosing the right mix of technology and ease of implementation. The strategy formulation was based on the using the optimum skills and talent available with the team. In organize phase, the strategy was to collect as much information as required for making the project. The team that was used for making the project is required to make important note of assessment and organization, as to how the project is going to be planned as well as executed. • Strategic Planning In strategic planning phase, the important element that was required for team was to go toward the main core reason for which the project was conceptualized and that was making computer networking easier for client. In this our team developed a strategic plan for implementing the solution. This included dividing the work among all the team members according to the talent of the team members and skills. Then the important criteria were to
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