Steps In Critical Thinking

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It was a blistering hot afternoon in Iraq as a squadron of soldiers cleared the palace of potential enemy forces. Private Jones stumbled upon a stack of gold bars stacked neatly in a corner. Private Jones began to place the bars in his pack when Sergeant Wilson saw what was going on. Sergeant Wilson surveyed the situation and ordered Private Jones to return the gold as this was both against the rules and morally wrong. Sergeant Wilson knew he made the right decision and Private Jones would be dealt with later. While not everyone follows the rules critical thinking and ethics are bonded together. Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue to form a judgment. There are six steps in the critical thinking process, knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. These six steps go together as people have knowledge of something, whether it be something that was read or seen, they can then comprehend any situation. Anyone can then apply that comprehension and analyze what is going on. Upon completion of the analysis a synthesis occurs which takes everything you have learned so far to form a new theory which is then evaluated and acted upon. Using the six steps of critical thinking allows you to take any issue and form a thoughtful and impactful judgment on any issue or problem you…show more content…
When we are presented a situation or problem, whether we know it or not, we use the critical thinking process to form a judgment on what action should be taken. Ethics play a large role in this process as they give a moral compass for each individual. Combining both the critical thinking process and ethics help us to give the best possible outcome for every situation that arises. The next time you are presented a situation maybe you should consider what helped you reach the conclusion, the critical thinking process or your
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