Steps Of The Ethical Decision-Making Model In Social Work

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Introduction In chapter 8 the text discusses the ethical decision-making model and how social workers should ask themselves if they see their self in an ethical situation. There are eight different steps or questions that a social worker should ask him/herself, those would include one identifying the problem or dilemma, two Identify the potential issues involved, three Apply the relevant ethics code, fourth know the applicable laws and regulations, five obtain consultation, six consider possible and probable courses of action, seven explore the consequences of various decisions, and might decide on the best course of action. As I began to read the questions to make the best decisions in this situation I am going to go through each step of the ethical decision-making model and break down the case to make the best and ethical decision that I could make as a social worker. Step of Ethical Decision Making Model After reading the text for the first step in the decision-making model, I start breaking down the case as figuring out what the problem is in the case. The problem in the case is that the husband has confessed to you that he is involved romantically with another person and his wife isn’t aware of the situation. So the main problem in this scenario is that you the husband and wife have been coming to you for help improve the quality of their relationship but while doing this the husband has cheated his wife. The second step of the decision-making process is
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