Steps Out Of True Love

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Steps out of True Love “So to spend a life of endless bliss; Just find who you love through true love 's kiss…” For nearly eight decades, Disney films have been selling their definition of true love, a term that is constantly changing under influence of development of feminism and therefore reflecting our culture’s shifting values. Throughout waves of feminism movements, following the changing definition of true love, we can see that woman characters in these films gradually grow from empty pictures dependent on men in the early years to lively figures with individuality and strong minds. These women characters provide a historical view of how women stand out to break their formulaic roles and identify themselves against the stereotypical gender schema. Mild beauty trapped in “true love” After a fight lasting over nearly a century, by the time Snow White and the seven Dwarfs was released, women finally achieved the major victory of the first-wave feminism - the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution (1920), granting women the right to vote. Though the first-wave feminism led a encouraging beginning of pursuing women legal rights, it’s just an early start of the journey of discovering themselves and obtaining what they really want. Overall, the reform granted married women more rights than single or widowed women, because first wave feminists heavily valued their virtue of maternity which meant they put themselves in assigned positions of
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