Steps and Processes for Employee Dismissal

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Steps and Processes for Employee Dismissal Diana Graves Strayer University Professor Kenneth R. Lewis, B.S., M.A., Ed.D. HRM520: Strategic Human Resource Management November 15, 15 Abstract This paper presents methods in which management can best coordinate and head a dismissal meeting during employee layoffs. These methods will touch on how management can best cope with the negative emotions associated with employee layoffs, how to conduct a proper dismissal meeting step by step, how compensation is determined for separated employees and how the impact of a dismissed employee affects a company as a whole. These methods will be best achieved by structured communication between management and employees. In addition, the paper will…show more content…
The meeting should be clear and brief as to what the process will be during and after the termination. Although “the dismissal meeting is not a time for a lengthy discussion of how things might have been different” (Stewart, Greg L, 2011, p. 277), the employee should be allowed to speak and/or vent regarding the situation. During the meeting, the employee should be presented with a written summary of the meeting as well as information regarding the severance compensation, information regarding continued health insurance, depending on the length of service and what the process will be to return any company property, such as ID cards, laptops and keys. During the meeting, it is always a good idea to have a third party present as a witness for the legal protection of all involved. Lastly, notify security about the dismissal; this step protects not only the manager delivering the news but also the company. This is especially necessary when the employee being dismissed has had a history of violent and/or disturbing behavior. Separated Employee Compensation The compensation package for separated employees differs with length of service to the company. “Typically the package includes: your severance pay terms, Your vacation pay terms, COBRA (Benefits) Information, Return of Property, Non Compete, Confidentiality Agreement Unemployment Information, and General Release of Claims and

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