Steps that Lead to the Revolutionary War

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Independence from Britain did not come easily. It took many years and battles to break off the colonies from Britain. Many desires drove the colonies to a violent war, and it all started with the following: In 1763, a peace treaty had just been signed. This was called the Peace of Paris which ended a long series of costly conflicts between Britain and France during the French and Indian wars. Because France had lost, they were forced to give all the American territory to Great Britain. After Great Britain took control of the region, King George III did not want to fight another war in America so he forbid colonial settlement on the western lands. This was called the Proclamation line of 1763. This proclamation angered many colonies since they believed that a king who ruled across the ocean could not determine the colonist needs and had no right to limit where they could settle. This was the beginning of many troubles in the colonies. It was not until 1764 when Britain started to interfere with the colonies. The colonies had some independence so they were not used to being told what to do. Because the British government had gone in debt fighting France, they decided that the colonies had to help pay for their own defense. To raise this money, parliament made a new law, sugar act. It required payment of a tariff on imported items such as molasses, sugar, coffee and certain wines. During this time, tariffs were used to regulate trade; however, the colonist felt this was just
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