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Steps to Building My Destiny In the article “The Professor Is a Dropout” written by Beth Johnson, she describes an inspirational life story created by Guadalupe Quintanilla who became an architect of her own destiny. Guadalupe Quintanilla, a first grade dropout, labeled retarded with a seemingly low IQ overcame extreme obstacles by hard work and persistence to achieve her success. In order for me to succeed, I will follow these three encouraging steps of motivation, dedication and determination that will help lead me in the right direction to succeed , and allowing myself to become an architect of my destiny in a career as a registered nurse. The first step I will use to start building the foundation of my destiny is motivation.…show more content…
It is a tiring job, but as long as I stay focused on what is important I will carry out my goal. I am often tired and drained of energy, but I stay determined. I will show my children examples of how to stay dedicated and deal with stress at the same time. I had to adjust several changes in my life in order to accomplish my success, and I had to learn to prioritize. I have set a difficult schedule to follow in order to complete the program of a registered nurse. Following Guadalupe Quintanilla’s example, “I will continue creating my own distinguished destiny”. Determination, the last step I will use to continue my climb towards success as a registered nurse. I will make sure I do not procrastinate this time and first make sure all my general education classes are completed and to go ahead further with my education. After attending my first college semester, that allowed me to improve my learning skills which helped me prepare for the re-take of the assessment test. To my surprise, I had passed which meant I had advanced two levels up and several general education classes that didn’t pertain to me anymore , and it opened up more eligible classes that I can take. Like Guadalupe Quintanilla, she was driven by determination to complete her college education, knowing it will better her future as well as her children’s lives and I can relate to how Guadalupe thinks and feels about this particular

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