Steps to Christ a Summary

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The book Steps to Christ discusses our relationship with God. The author Ellen White describes thirteen steps we must take to enable us to have a loving and committed relationship with our Heavenly Father. In this essay I discuss each of the thirteen steps.

In Steps to Christ, Ellen White discusses our relationship goals with Christ. The metaphor of the “steps to Christ” in the title can be understood as the steps in our relationship with Christ, which is equivalent to the rungs of a ladder. The author begins with God’s love for man, our need for Christ as sinners, repentance, confession, consecration, faith and acceptance, test of discipleship, growing up in Christ, the work and the life, a knowledge of God, the
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That is all that He asks of us, and it is He who gives us the power to do so. Even our desire for an improved life comes from Christ. We need not trust ourselves, for we can do nothing of ourselves. Though our outward appearance may show refinement, we have no power within to change our inner desires, our selfishness. All the hosts of heaven are enlisted to battle together with Christ in the working of your salvation. What more could we ask? "Every good and perfect gift is from above" (James 1:17). Christ alone is our true success. His love for you surpassed death, and He promises you a crown of life if you will only accept it.

Step 3: Repentance
Once we recognize God’s true love for us and see the need of looking to Christ to change our hearts rather than trying to do it on our own, we see our need of repentance, which involves a change of direction, turning our back on previous intentions and actions, and seeking new direction in life. Instead of making excuses, blaming circumstances or others, repentance means taking full responsibility. King David, after committing murder and adultery appealed to Christ: "Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me" (Psalms 51:10). He accepted his guilt and asked for a new direction – from Christ.

Overall, step three is to see sin in its truly offensive, separating nature, to recognize our own sinfulness in comparison with
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