Steps to Preparation for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

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Pre-Steps for preparing for FMEA. Step 1: Select a process to evaluate with FMEA. This is where a process to be evaluated with FMEA is carefully selected. When selecting a process, special attention should be paid to the complexity of the process selected. A process that is not so large and complex is preferred to a large and complex process. For example, select ‘prevention of pressure sore’ instead of ‘pressure sore’ as a process to evaluate with FMEA. This is because evaluating pressure will involve causes, prevention, treatment and risks factors. Step 2: Recruit a multidisciplinary team. The team should include everyone that is involved in the process. All team members do not necessarily have to follow the process through the…show more content…
Failure mode is anything that could possibly go wrong, whether minor, major, and rare problems. After identifying failure modes, the team will also identify possible causes for each failure mode listed. Step 5: For each failure mode, have the team assign a numeric value for likelihood of each occurrence, likelihood of detection, and severity. In this step, the team assigns numeric value known as the ‘Risk Priority Number (RPN). The purpose of assigning RPN is to help the team identify areas that are most likely to have problem so that special attention could be given to such areas and improvement made proactively. After successfully going through the 5th step, the team will carry out the 3 steps of FMEA which are the likelihood of occurrence, likelihood of detection, severity, and assign score as appropriate. 3. Occurrence: This is when the team consensually answered the question of, how likely is it that this failure will occur? The ability to answer this question will help the team to determine what score to assign to the step in question. The score will determine the level of priority to be given to that particular step. Score is assigned between one and 10. One means “very unlikely to occur” while 10 mean “very likely to occur” Detection: The team seeks to answer the question of “If this failure mode occurs, how likely is it that it will be detected is? The team has to determine if
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