Steps to Solve Problems at the Roanoke Branch

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Problems at the Roanoke Branch Step 1: Methods Given the nature of the organizational challenges facing the Roanoke, Virginia branch of Phoenix Advertising, it is appropriate to gain a better understanding of the experiences of those most closely involved. Therefore, the method proposed for the following examination is the use of the survey as an instrument for gathering qualitative data on the various systemic challenges currently obstructing the branch's effective performance. This would require the cooperation of management and personnel at the Roanoke branch and would additionally require the candor and feedback of loyal long-term clients of the firm. Step 2: Gathering Information Information will be gathered by the distribution of two distinct surveys. One would be distributed through management at the Roanoke branch to a proper sampling of personnel at both management and non-management positions and the other would be distributed to points of contact with selected long-term clients. The following are samples of the types of questions that will appear on these respective surveys. Step 2A: Surveys Employees Question 1 A foremost question would ask employees whether or not they feel their contributions to the company are valued and would also be asked to supply a rationale for the response. This question is intended to find explanation for the issues of morale present at the branch. It is expected this might illuminate some issues in the way that

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