Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal Essay

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Steps to writing a grant proposal HSM270 September 11, 2011 Shelley Johnson-Gildwarg Steps to writing a grant proposal When writing a grant proposal there are many of different areas that need to be covered in the proposal. The proposal needs to have 11 different sections. These sections are: 1. Abstract—45 lines max. 2. Table of Contents—2 pages max. 3. Specific Aims (Needs/Problems, Working Hypothesis, Objectives, Interventions, etc.)—3 pages max. 4. Target Populations—2 pages max. 5. Approaches and Methods (Project Goals and Objectives, Activities, Time Line, etc.)—6 pages max. 6. Evaluation Plan—3 pages max. 7. Agency Capacity and Project Management—3 pages max. 9. Budget and Budget Justification—3 pages max. 10.…show more content…
When writing the Needs/Problem Statement they must be careful they are not “preaching to the choir.” Most funders are already somewhat aware of the problems in the community. Instead of telling the funder what they already know (where they are coming from) they may try to inform them what approach they are going to take to help provide the community an end to the problem. The Literature Review is vital to the process as it provides objective support data and rationales for the arguments in the proposal and the development of the interventions. It is a well-developed review of relevant information from creditable sources to lean support to the approaches presented in the proposal. The writer needs to briefly identify why their Target Population(s) should be funded when another group or population whom may be equally at need should not be funded. What makes their target population stick out and be better suited for the funding? Approaches and Methods are often referred to as goals and objectives, and activities and timelines by some funding agencies. This part of the proposal contains a lot of information so the writer should start off with a summary. It is important to reach the target population as if they do not the proposal would be worthless. The Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, Activities, and tasks are the terms program planners use. These terms can also confuse
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