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NUS Business School
Department of Marketing

MKT1003X Marketing

Semester I, 2013/14

Course Coordinator: Assoc Prof. LAU Geok Theng Office: Mochtar Riady Building, Biz1-08-10 Tel: 6516-3179 Email:

Course Tutors: Lee Shiang Jium ( Yong Yoon Mei ( Jaquilin Danker ( Ritu Narayan

Course Objectives

This is an introductory course in marketing. It seeks to acquaint participants with an understanding of the principles, concepts, theories and techniques in marketing.

It also attempts to provide participants with opportunities to make simple applications of these marketing principles, concepts,
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Some studies are conducted in instalments. These studies will require that you attend several sessions that are conducted over a span of a few weeks. You will be given credit for the study only if you attend all the sessions.

You are advised to sign up for sessions you are able to attend. Please mark down on your schedule those sessions you have signed up and do turn up for those sessions. Penalty will be imposed on those who have signed up but failed to attend those sessions, unless valid excuses (for example illness evidenced with medical certificates) are provided. You are advised to plan carefully so you can turn up for the sessions PUNCTUALLY. Once a session has commenced, the administrator for the research study may not allow you to join in the study and you may be marked as absent for the session.

For subject pool matters, please contact Ms Wang Kim Fong (Mochtar Riady Building BIZ1-08-23;, 6516-3463) directly.

If you wish to not participate in subject pool studies, you have to send an email to the course coordinator ( by 31 August 2012 (end of third week) to request to be excused from subject pool and to complete an alternative assignment instead. You will then be given an assignment on 10 September 2012 (week 5) and that assignment will be due 21 September (week 6). If you have not informed the course coordinator by 31 August 2011 that
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