Steps to success Essay

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Homework is an important aspect in life, and it is used in a multitude of countries. Most of the teachers assign homework on a daily basis, and some only assign homework when it seems to be necessary. Some teachers also make homework as a part of your overall grade, and some teachers rely on their students to put in a total effort. Homework plays an important impact because it is the means of success, and it will determine how prepared you are for any upcoming assessments. Homework is also quality practice and enables the student to succeed more. Homework is more than extra practice. It is an essential resource that teaches students how to be organized and develop good time management skills as well. Most students typically receive …show more content…
While homework may seem like a tedious task, it can help a student comprehend the material. Homework is necessary for more than just a grade; it is an assignment that teaches you valuable life skills. According to “Do students have too much homework?”, homework should lead students to be better at taking what they know and applying it to a certain task. Students tend to portray homework as something that they have to get done without knowing the value that lies behind it. Homework enables the student to recall a certain problem and apply it to another distinctive situation. According to “Do students have too much homework?”, applying knowledge is the most important. Learning is definitely important but what students do with the facts that they learned is essential as well. Applying knowledge allows the students to take a simple fact and relate it to a grander scheme of things. Relating what they know will enhance their creativity and let them see behind the lines of how everything connects.
Another benefit of homework is that engaging in homework encourages creativity. According to “ Do students have too much homework”, the skills that you get from doing homework such as creativity, inventiveness, and seeing a bigger picture are the most important. Many students do not realize that homework can enable the student to be wiser and develop skills that are useful. Creativity is an essential part in
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