Steps toward Discarding Muslim Stereotypes

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I'm a Muslim and I despise Islamic terrorists and the local run of the mill bigot. I and a great bulk of fellow Muslims are striving to improve our status through quiet, moderate and pacific means. Muslims have faced discrimination and prejudice in almost all aspects of their lives. Violent methods have been practiced by other groups under the guise of religion. Oblivious to their own ignorance and often harboring twisted political motivations, many leaders, consisting of mainly Westerners, tend to label pretty much all Muslims with terms such as 'aggressive', 'militant' and 'uncivilized'. They mention that Islam is the 'religion of the sword’, Muslim activists are 'terrorists’, and Muslim countries that dare to even challenge Western policies are 'evil'. Once you get news that that one of us is a Muslim, you label us as an ‘outsider’, and we are automatically at the receiving end of your injustice. I view myself and other Muslims as the afflicted rather than the afflicters. I feel as though we have to desperately be on the defensive. We consider ourselves to be the objects of violence and not the initiators of violence. We as Muslims across the world consider ourselves to be the victims. To support my claim, let’s take a tour. In Bosnia during the span of the Bosnian War, nearly 200,000 Muslims were slaughtered by Bosnian Serbs who were mainly Christians. Nearly 22,000 Muslim women, ranging from age 9 to 82, were raped by the soldiers. In the Kashmir province of
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