Stereoptyping, Labeling, Pre-judging Essay

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Stereoptyping, Labeling, Pre-judging

One day as I was shopping in Patterson’s at the mall here in Bemidji I noticed somethin that I have seen quite a lot of as I have been living in this town of racial diversity. I seemed to notice when I walked in the store with my mom we got the expected "Hello, can I help you find something?". We said "No, we are just looking." and went on our way through the store. A couple of minutes later some Natives came in the store and the guy who was working acted much different. He kind of looked at them with a disgusted look and followed them about the store without really saying anything. If he did it was something like "What size are you looking for?", no hellos or any chance of using the word help. I
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No matter how bad a person looks or how long it takes you to reach that person once you do you will find there is nothing different. But most people won’t take the chance to break down these barriers.

A lot of people I think set precedents in their mind without even thinking it. With some people I have seen them get beat up or something else by someone of a different race and they somehow set into their brain this fear of those type of people. Just seeing them their hearts fill with anger and fear. I have seen it happen before and it makes me think, did this guy that was working at the store sometime earlier in his life have a bad experience with Native American people? Of course when they see someone it is not the same person that did this to them but they dress the same and act the same maybe even look the same, so they immediately think of the past experience. It kind of sucks how this can happen and you can see it every day just walking down the street. I always see people cross the street to get to the other side just so they don’t have to cross paths with someone walking towards them.

I think we learn a lot of this though. If you look at how we were when we were young, nobody really acted in such a way. Everyone kind of got along, unless someone did something to you. You never really looked at someone and got any sort of bad feeling. At least I didn’t from what I remember. So does this mean we are nurtured

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