Stereotype A Thought By Beverly Daniel Tatum

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Stereotype a Thought Today, many believe that stereotypes have been eradicated throughout our modern world, this is far from the truth. Beverly Daniel Tatum, an author of several books including “Why Are Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria” asks, “How did academic achievement become defined as exclusively white behavior?” Tatum has an interesting point, however stereotyping is not just about race it can be about gender bias, or body issues too. Ann DuCille, author of “From Multicultural Barbie and the Merchandising of Difference” says; “Barbie 's body is a consumer object itself a vehicle for display of clothing and spectacular trappings of a wealthy teenage fantasy life”. Ducille gives a good example of body politics, and the importance of not only focusing on race. Thus, is a good example of how stereotypes are learned by how one is treated in school or at home. Education about racial identity, gender equality, and body shaming, to an extent, will help eliminate some forms of stereotyping and create a more understanding and equal society. Therefore schools are not the problem, stereotypes, however racist, sexist, or just plain mean, are learned at home and in schools from peers, parents and teachers alike. In a way, stereotypes will never truly be eliminated from our world because from the day we are born we notice differences. One may argue that it is just a distinction between people, which constitutes stereotyping. Just
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